Lisa Matam Fez
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Lisa Goodrich has been belly dancing since 1989 and still can't get enough
of it. She is certified in the famous Fat Chance Belly Dance's general
skills format, the originators of American Tribal Style format. Lisa has
also studied intensively with Suzanna Del Vecchio and enjoys studying with Rachel Brice,
Dalia Carella, Zoe Jakes, and others when possible. Currently she is
performing with Desert Rain and the Boulder Girls. She teaches through
the University of Colorado Rec. Center. Along with belly dance, Lisa has
performed aerial dance with Frequent Flyers Productions.
She has combined the two forms of dance to create original aerial belly dance numbers.
In 2007 she was invited to perform her Upside Down Belly Dance dance in the
SkyDancer's show in San Francisco. Click here to see a youtube clip of this dance.

To view Lisa's teaching schedule for Belly Dance classes in Boulder, CO-clickhere