31 Years and Counting of Belly Dancing at the Bolder Boulder

The Bolder Boulder  is a 10 kilometer foot race that started in 1978.  Since 1982 there have been belly dancers on the first hill of the race to cheer the runners and walkers on.  This group is called the Bolder Tribe and has been an on-going collection
of characters.

Shireen Malik, the original belly dancer who started the fun tradition of belly dancing along the side of the road to cheer the runners on, shares her memories of her many years of dancing at the race:

Bolder Boulder Memories

In the past couple of years, many American Tribal Style (ATS) belly dancers have joined the ranks of the Bolder Tribe.  This style of dance may look like choreography but it’s not.  It is a highly structured form of improvisation.  For more information, check out the About Us or the Articles section.  Or,  for an example of this dance style in action see the Video Gallery of the 2011 Bolder Boulder.

Below is an assortment of pictures taken over the last 26 years.  If you have pictures of the Bolder Tribe, we’d love to see them.

Some of the original instigators

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